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Self-Study Exam

As required by the Texas Department of Insurance, 10 hours of self-study must be completed prior to the first day of classroom teaching. This includes a 60-question online, open-book exam (https://www.classmarker.com/online-test/start/?quiz=dkk58d94e7190314).

Using the Self-Study Guide, pass the online exam prior to the first day of class.

Self-Study Open-Book Exam

Password: 6aUWuAYD

Please note: The exams listed below will be available to each student at the end of the first day of class through the day of the final exam.

Practice Exams

Physiological research into how our mind and body reacts when taking an exam shows that during an actual test, anxiety levels and blood pressure increase. Due to the raised anxiety levels, we tend to second guess choices and doubt what we have learned.

Normal study habits of reviewing notes, reading textbooks, flash cards, etc., help to some capacity. Practice is much more effective.

When an athlete is preparing for a competition, there is only so much exercise and watching video clips of other competitors to help prepare for the match. Martial artists, boxers, runners, swimmers, as well as football, basketball, and baseball players need to practice with others who will challenge them. When the military prepares for battle, they simulate a combat environment with explosions and gun fire.

Why do they practice competing before they compete? It helps develop muscle memory so reactions become automatic and reduces the anxiety of the actual event.

The same thought process applied to an academic exam. Further studies show when a student practices taking a test, their anxiety levels and blood pressure increases even though they know it is just practice. However, with frequent and consistent practice, those levels lower.

The online practice tests are designed to help you prepare for the actual exam at no additional cost to you.

The exams are broken down into the different categories of the presented material and you can take each exam three times. If you choose an incorrect answer, the correct answer will be displayed with an explanation at the end of the exam. Each time you take one of these exams, the questions and answer choices will be randomized so you will never have the same test twice.

The final exam for the class is 150 questions and you will have three hours to complete it. You will need a minimum of 70 to pass, which is 105 questions.

The practice exams are set up for minimum mastery. Once you are able to pass the practice exams, you should be able to pass the final exam with ease.

The number of questions for the categories listed below are the number of questions that will appear on the final exam.

The exams are separated into untimed and timed exams. The untimed exams allow you to review your notes as well as save and resume at a later time; whereas the timed exams are based on the time and percentage of questions for the final exam (150 questions in three hours). You cannot save and resume timed exams.

Paid Exams

The following exams are available for a fee. Each fee covers three exams. For example, the fee for the 30 minute exam will let you take three 30-minute exams. No two exams will be the same as they use random selections of questions from all categories.
Exam Time Limit Attempts Save & Resume Cost
25 Questions 30 min 3 No $5.00
38 Questions 45 min 3 No $7.50
50 Questions 1 hr 3 No $10.00
100 Questions 2 hr 3 No $15.00
150 Questions 3 hr 3 No $20.00

Untimed Exams

Exam Questions Time Limit
Attempts Save & Resume
Terminology 60 None 3 Yes
Personal Lines 15 None 3 Yes
Auto Liability 4 None 3 Yes
Standard Fire Policy 5 None 3 Yes
Additional Coverage 11 None 3 Yes
Commercial Lines 15 None 3 Yes
Inland & Ocean Marine 6 None 3 Yes
Bonds 4 None 3 Yes
Licensing Requirements 10 None 3 Yes
Marketing Practices 11 None 3 Yes
Adjuster Practices 5 None 3 Yes
Workers Compensation 4 None 3 Yes

Timed Exams

Exam Questions Time Limit
Attempts Save & Resume
The questions contained in the exams below are randomized, so you will never get the same test twice. At the end of the allotted time, the test will end and be graded. Unanswered questions will be counted as missed.
Terminology (20) 20 24 3 No
Terminology (30) 30 36 3 No
Terminology (45) 45 54 3 No
Terminology (60) 60 72 3 No